Dr Anna Glukhanyuk


Vice-Rector of Ekaterinburg State Drama School, Ekaterinburg, Russia

Lecturer of the Chair of Cultural Studies and Social and Cultural work, Ural State University named after A.M. Gorky, Ekaterinburg, Russia

Assistant Professor of the Chair of Common Humanitarians and Special Drama Disciplines, Ekaterinburg State Theatre Institute, Ekaterinburg, Russia

Research interests:

Orthodoxy, religion, youth identity in Russian culture, the performance of belief


Youth and religion in educational environment: American experience // Education and Research. Izvestia of Ural branch of Russian Academy of Education. No. 1 (69). 2010. Pp. 94-104.

Youth and Religion: experience of American research // Izvestia of Ural State University. No. 3(65), 2009. Pp.82-91.

Religious morals of contemporary Russian youth: analyses of Russian Orthodox Church official documents // Discussion: journal of research publications. No. 11(29). November 2012. Pp. 14-19.

Conference papers:

Looking for new religious meanings in contemporary youth culture // Saint-Petersburg, 2005. Pp. 249-251

The role of Orthodoxy in Russian youth national and cultural identity forming // Cheboksaru, 2005. Pp. 69-71

Objects of satisfaction in contemporary youth culture // Saint-Petersburg, 2004. Pp. 377-378

Contemporary orthodoxy and youth in Russian culture of the end of 20th century // Myrmansk, 2004. Pp. 160-163


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