Dr Carl Morris

Lecturer, University of Central Lancashire, UK


Research interests:

Muslim music and performance in Britain


Morris, C (2016) ‘Music and materialism: the emergence of alternative Muslim lifestyle cultures in Britain’ in Material Religion, T. Hutchings and J. McKenzie (eds). Ashgate [Forthcoming]

Morris, C, (2015), ‘The Voices of Change: Young Muslims and Music in Britain’ in S. Hamid, ed. Young British Muslims: Rhetoric and Realities. Ashgate [Forthcoming].

Conference papers:

2014 Music, Materialism, and the Emergence of an Alternative Islamic Lifestyle Culture in Britain Material Religion (Socrel Annual Conference), Durham University, 9-11th April 2013.

2013 Young Muslims, Cultural Change and ‘Islamic Cosmopolitanism’ in Britain British Association of South Asian Studies, University of Leeds, 4th April 2013

2012 Sounds Islamic? British Muslims, Music and Multiculturalism Multiculturalism and Music in Britain, Kings College London, 16th March 2012.


Primary organiser for the upcoming Muslim Leadership in Britain Conference






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