Dr Rusi Jaspal

Senior Lecturer in Psychology, De Montfort University,  Leicester UK


Research interests:

linguistic identity, religion, ethnicity, intergroup relations, language stigma


Jaspal, R. & Sitaridou, I. (2013). Coping with Stigmatised Linguistic Identities: Identity Threat and Ethnolinguistic Vitality among Andalusians. Identity: An International Journal of Theory and Research, 13(2), 95-119.

Jaspal, R. & Cinnirella, M. (2012). The construction of ethnic identity: insights from identity process theory. Ethnicities, 12(5), 503-530.

Jaspal, R. & Coyle, A. (2010). “Arabic is the language of the Muslims – that’s how it was supposed to be”: exploring language and religious identity through reflective accounts from young British-born Asians. Mental Health, Religion and Culture, 13(1), 17-36.

Jaspal, R. & Coyle, A. (2010). “My language, my people”: language and ethnic identity among British-born South Asians. South Asian Diaspora, 2(2), 201-218.

Jaspal, R. & Coyle, A. (2009). Reconciling social psychology and sociolinguistics can have some benefits: language and identity among second generation British Asians. Social Psychological Review, 11(2), 3-14.

Jaspal, R. & Breakwell, G.M. (2014). Identity Process Theory: Identity, Social Action and Social Change. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.




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